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Strumming Techniques - Video Lessons

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Good Habits - Video Lessons

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If you have ever attended one of my face-to-face ukulele courses before, or received 1 to 1 tuition from me, most of the points we ever covered are right here on these pages! 

How much content is in UTRW?

There is over 2 years worth of learning here for an improver level player and much more for an absolute beginner. 

What Inspired UTRW?

With so many people learning the uke and having such fun with it at a basic level of strumming chords, I wanted to create a resource for people who would like to learn/improve on the ukulele as more of a serious instrument with good, effective technique.

UTRW formalises ukulele technique based on how the best players play and centuries old techniques on related instruments such as the lute, classical guitar, mandolin and other fretted instruments.

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Absolutely, when you are logged in, simply click 'edit profile' at the bottom of any page, then click 'cancel my subscription'. 

Why is UTRW a good deal?

The lessons contained here would cost you a year or two worth of lessons with a face-to-face teacher. I charge my 1 to 1 students £36 per hour, and in that time we would only cover a tiny fraction of the lessons available in UTRW so far!

Come and join me, there is so much more to do on the Uke!

Rik Roberts